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Hello~ 안녕하세요~ こんにちは〜

We are a humble young family from South Korea, have been living and working in Japan for some years and now in the US.

Husband’s been working as a S/W engineer since 1996, with experience in spectrum of many different industries like PC/Mobile Game, Information/Network Security, Book/Comic Publishing, etc.

Wife is a good dealer, good shopper and good artist in all ordinary life activities. Everybody’s been calling her skillful, smart and a person with a good heart they can trust and ask for help.

These 2 different people now want to help you with their best abilities and true friendship.

If there’s anything we can help you, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

– From K.Mi & Bruce



You Got Interview

This is the mock-up technical interview service, and the Montor service.

Right now it’s focused on S/W engineers in South Korea but soon we will expand our service to Japan and China.

Ethereum Middleman

A simple Ethereum SmartContract working as a middleman/broker when you buy an item with Ethereum.

Secret Image

This is a tool that you can save your Private Key of BitCoin, Ethereuem, or any other Crypto Currency, or even any text message to an image file.

We have iOS/Adnroid app, and WebService.

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